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I AM Affirmations

I AM Affirmations

I AM Affirmations

Feeling in need of a little boost? One of the best and quickest way I know how to get myself feeling good, confident and certain is to have a whole range of “I AM” affirmations on hand.

There is power in the tongue. Did you know that what you believe about yourself and say to yourselves you can bring about, so why not start professing good things about yourself instead of listening to the usual negative inner chatter that we so often find ourselves entertaining and….. believing.

A little trick I use is to say these “I AM” statements to myself just before I go to sleep when the unconscious is open to suggestion. Here’s the list I use, Go ahead and copy them if you feel inclined too.  

I AM Affirmations  

I am abundant, I am loved, I am nurtured. I am protected, I am brilliant and bright, I am filled with God’s perfect love.

I am a great communicator I am an excellent listener. I am intuitive I am provided for I am certain.

I am curious I am worthy. I am favoured I am valued. I am wise because I have learned from my mistakes.

I a fearless because I can identify illusion for real. I am passionate. I am courageous. I am bold. I am discerning.

I am unique and fearfully made. I am a child of God. I am spoken for.

I am successful. I am peaceful. I am filled with love, light and laughter.

I am joyous. I am hard working and committed.

I am alive. I am who I am. I am created in the image of the most high. I am strong. I am powerful. I am not afraid of the truth.

I am kind and compassionate. I am open to change. I am loyal, supportive, adventurous and surprising.

I am not afraid of failure. I am compassionate and creative. I am fiercely loyal and beautifully vulnerable.

I am positive – I love with my whole heart.

I am aware of my weakness and not afraid to apologise for my mistakes.

I am ENOUGH. I am Me!  

Affirmations are powerful and can be used to increase confidence. 

I am sure you can add plenty more so I would love to hear from you – Add your I AM affirmations to the comments below, or visit me on Facebook and share your I am with me.   


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