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What to do when the world seems to be spinning faster than you can run?

What to do when the world seems to be spinning faster than you can run? 

Ever felt like you are running out of time? Ha ha – I have. Often! 

As a matter of fact I posted in my Facebook group “Business By Design For Women In Business” earlier today that I was feeling a little like the world was spinning just a little too fast for me and truth be told by lunch time I felt like shouting… STOP! Let me off. 

Social media, school holidays starting in a weeks time, doctor appointments for my girls, supporting my son as he looks for employment, putting the pieces together for my Courage To Bloom –  Building a Business from the Inside Out live group masterclass, designing landing pages, staying up to date with a program I joined and and and.. there’s no wonder I feel like finding a cave and taking time out.

I know I am not alone in this, well I hope not anyway. That would be a little weird. Reading the comments on the Facebook post I know I am not the only one who goes through these periods where overwhelm sets in and we feel like things are a little too much for us.

But…there’s always a but isn’t there?

Here’s the thing.  

I cant stop the world from spinning, or control things external to me and neither can you and therein lies the secret. We cant control anything external to us but “i’ll be dammed (as my mother used to say) we can control the way we react to all these external things applying pressure to us. 

So I thought I’d share a quick strategy with you that you could try when the world seems to be spinning faster than you can run. 

Proverbs 4:23 (AMPC) tells us to “Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life” 

Now before you run off and think I am getting all churchy preachy or perhaps wondering how this applies to getting off a spinning world. Consider this, the Bible is one of the oldest personal development books of all time and has loads of wisdom from which we can learn from. If you are into the LOA then you will know that many of the principles taught under the Law of Attraction were first established in the good book. 

So let’s take a look at exactly what we’re meant to be doing. 

First off it says ” Watch over your heart with all diligence” – but how do we do that. For me it all starts with AWARENESS. I become aware that my world is moving faster than I can keep up. I have 2 choices. I can let overwhelm get to me and that would not be good for me or the people around me or I can choose to consciously become aware of my state, my thoughts and even the behaviour that flows from it and consciously shift it towards something that will support me.

I choose the latter because this choice always puts me in the drivers seat which means I choose the direction I take and how fast I drive. At times like these I choose to take my foot off the pedal ever so slightly – just enough to give me time to; 


Breathing deeply is good for you and provides oxygen to the brain so that you can think more clearly – it also provides time to pause and to consider your next action. 

I then grab a pen and a piece of paper, find a quite spot and I start to brain dump. This allows me to get rid of all those thoughts that are floating around in my head driving me silly.

You will find that once you start to write down all of your thoughts you will feel so much lighter and things suddenly don’t feel quite as rushed anymore. (Don’t be too particular about writing it in the correct order – just get it out for now) 

Go on.. You give it a go but grab a coffee before you do because this may take some time, enjoy your coffee as you capture your thoughts on paper. 

Once that is done – you can take a nice relaxing bath, do a few stretches, go for a walk, bake a cake or have a nap. When you wake your list will be ready for you to work on and now you can start to categorise this list from a refreshed and much more emotionally sound space. 

The second part “For from it flow the springs of life” reminds us that our thoughts become things, you can be sure that I want good stuff in my life and I am sure you do to. So keep a check on those thoughts. Make sure what you think about is good, positive, uplifting. Not what you don’t want to have happen but rather those things you do wish to bring into your life to serve yourself and others. 

Now is as good a time as any to choose your new positive uplifting thought that moves you forward to the place you want to be.

You know , Once I follow this simple process I am right back on track. I feel more settled and ready to start a new day. 

I am sure there are many simple strategies you can use to reduce the feeling off overwhelm, if you have one that works well for you – please share it in the comments below and do let me know this works for you.

I’m off to categorise my list now. 




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