Dreaming of a thriving business isn’t enough.


If only you could follow a ‘paint by numbers’ approach and build your life or business the easy way… 

You know it doesn’t work like that, but there are definitely ways to make your success come faster and more easily.

There are pathways that increase visibility and credibility, attract more clients and maximise growth. Pathways to profit. Real profit! The kind that erases that 3am worry about having to return to your ‘day job’ to pay your bills. 

If you’ve been spinning the wheels in your business and working hard with nowhere near enough to show for your efforts, if you’re frustrated and feeling unclear about what you’re doing wrong, it could be time to ask for help.


I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.

– Bob Nardelli

Most of my VIP Day clients are fuelled by a sense of wanting to fix this now. They’re prepared to put in the work over time, but they need a rapid injection of confidence and clarity, all in one hit, to set them on the right path.

With 1:1 support, my in-person full day VIP intensive is fully customised. The content is designed specifically for you and your unique life, business & goals. You have exclusive and private access to me while we brainstorm solutions to your challenges, generate ideas, problem-solve, strategically-plan while I support you to put your plans into ACTION.

The VIP Intensive is quickest way to help you jumpstart your creative ideas, clarify your direction, accelerate your success and propel you into massive, inspired action in just ONE day!

Immerse yourself in your business, the right way

There are plenty of ways that we can educate ourselves on how to solve the problem of not enough clients or sales (which is at the heart of every struggling business). There are countless books, free webinars and blogs and articles—many of which offer excellent advice.

The problem is that, by their very nature, these avenues appeal to a broad audience. You can try to make your business fit the suggested approaches if you squeeze it in here, or lop some of it off there… and, at the end of the day, you’re still left with general advice at best. 

There’s nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about a VIP intensive

We focus solely on you. We get clear on your desires and uncover your ultimate edge—the one thing about you that makes you different, and powerful, and so well-suited to what you’re doing…so you can create more flow, freedom & abundance.

You’ll get crystal clear on your message so you can leverage your unique skills and passions to make an impact in the world.

At the end of the day you’ll know with utmost confidence who you are meant to serve, so that you attract those who are ideally suited to you, instead of constantly saying yes from a place of desperation.

Together we’ll uncover, reframe and release deep-seated beliefs that hold you back from all you were created to be.

We’ll establish systems & structures so you work smarter and not harder.

VIP DAYS ARE ALL ABOUT FOCUS, certainty AND ACCELERATION. you’ll have the opportunity to fast track your success.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Are you aching for the infusion of fresh ideas, for greater vitality, deeper confidence and even more fierce determination?

During your VIP Business Intensive we’ll map out:


Get clear on who you’re really here to serve (the problems and challenges you are solving and desires you are satisfying), who your ideal clients are and exactly how to find and magnetically attract high quality prospects who WANT what you have to offer.


You’ll get rapid clarity on what you’re truly offering and how much to charge for it. We work together to hone the most stylish, powerful and profitable business model including your signature programs, packages and price points. The aim is to help you attract your next 5 clients in the next four weeks.


We work on identifying the best territory to position you as an expert. I also offer ideas on how to create a stylish website presence or give your current web presence a make-over that will easily + effortlessly attract ideal clients.


Receive a custom designed Action Plan that helps break down your business goals and key sales and marketing deliverables into small, manageable steps that will ensure you stay on track to success. You’ll also learn my six-step sales process that will have you feeling confident and authentic, not pushy or disingenuous, so you can easily sell your offers over and over. 


Be coached on up-levelling your money mindset and wealth consciousness so you are clear on your money desires and what it means to live an abundant lifestyle. Develop strategies to increase your confidence levels, reconcile what’s holding you back and create a daily self-care and success practice. Access my 7step Unshakeable confidence e-course to review in your own time.

How does the VIP Intensive work

Each intensive is a truly immersive experience and customised exclusively for you. There is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about this. The session includes a whole day together, a delicious, nutritious lunch and refreshments as well as two x 45 minute follow-up calls for integration following the intensive.

Half-day sessions are from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Full-day sessions are from 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

VIP Days can take place in person, or via Skype. 

Face-to-face, full-day in-person VIP Days take place with me in Hobart, Tasmania. We’ll take a break for a delicious Tasmanian lunch, as we gear up to for our afternoon session. Towards the end of the day, we’ll add the final touches to your personalised blueprint for ACTION.

I’m Ready – What’s Next?

Due to the highly-tailored nature of VIP Days, places are limited. To be considered for a VIP Coaching Day, you will need to complete a short application. Please email me personally.

( BrendaTs@BrendaTsiaousis.com )  or call me direct at (+61) 405-348 932

Once you are clear that this is the right decision for you, and certain that we are a good fit, we will book your VIP day. A 50% deposit is required. The remainder of your balance is due before we meet. There is an option to pay in full and receive a pre-payment discount if you prefer.

Your Investment


VIP Half Day

3,5 hour VIP half day
45 Min Follow-up
$1000 (excl GST)



VIP Full Day

Full day
2 X 45 Min Follow Up
$2000 (excl GST)
Includes light lunch, morning
and afternoon tea



I look forward to spending an entire day with YOU, one-on-one, working on YOUR business and setting you up to transform your success and become more visible, more credible and more profitable—just the way you imagine.


We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.

- John C. Maxwell

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