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I wish I had this Resources List when I first started out in business.

Oh my goodness!  How it would have changed a few things, had I known what resources to use.

I can remember sitting down with my husband one day, adding up all the money I had spent on worthless, ineffective software programs, and resources that fulfilled only one function – To fill up space on my hard drive.

Over time I have built up a library of amazing resources, a rolodex of awesomeness.

I am sharing a few of these resources with you now. Please also be assured that I only ever share what I have already used or resources that come highly recommended to be colleagues  in my industry.

Many are free, and there are some that are paid tools or resources. There might be one or two that I am an affiliate of ( being an affiliate means I may receive a thank you from the owner. ) This does not cost you any more than it would if you purchased it direct, but you will be  helping me share in the good fortune, which I am sure you would  love to do.

Starting out in business? You need this; 

  • Hosting

I have hosted with various places and my favourite to date is HostGator – 5 years now and I have never had any issues.

  • Domain name

Go Daddy  – Quite popular and inexpensive. I usually purchase domain names here and then host elsewhere although you can host through Go Daddy as well.

  • Theme

My favourite – Headway. Easy to install and simple to customise to suit your purposes. This site is built using Headway and the help of my amazing designer Marama Carmichael of E-sense Web Design to whom I owe my gratitude to. Thinking of building your own site – have a chat to Marama, I am sure you will be delighted.

Autoresponder ( Stay connected to your clients ) – I currently use MailChimp but will be migrating to Ontraport or Active Campaign over the next few months. You may have noticed some regular emails and and occasional newsletter from me, that’s MailChimp.(They offer a pro version which allows list segregation and a few new features that rock.

  • Income Tracker

If you’re not keeping notes of exactly how much money is coming in to your bank account and which source of providing you with the most  consistent income they I bet you a Lindt Chocolate that you probably have no idea how much is going out either.

I have a little tip for you – and a FREE resource of course. Download your FREE Income Tracker template here. Use to track all your income, the tangible and non tangible income your receive. YOu’ll be surprised to see how quickly you start to find income in the strangest places. Let me give you an example, You’ve been invited to have coffee with a friend, instead of you paying for it, your friend offers to pay for the coffee. So in effect it cost you nothing. You were blessed with a cup of coffee – Value $4-50 . You paid nothing from your pocket, you saved! Intangible, Yes! You may think this is silly but keeping tabs on all that you receive is a great way to experience and express gratitude for those little things we normally would have overlooked.

It also increases your conscious awareness of on the income you are receiving and as we all know “we attract more of what we focus on ”  good or bad :) So why not give it a go PRINT your Income Tracker and make a note of every teeny tiny ( or large ) thing you receive – do this for 90 days. ( Ps: do send me an email to let me know how it goes) 

  • Recommended Reading

Listed below are a few of my favourite books, Not only to grow a business but also to create a spectacular life.  As as avid lover of all things personal and professional development, books, audio book,and videos are my favourite resource to turn to when I need a little pep talk, hand holding or a kick up my bum ( other than turning to my fabulous coach first – she’s just awesome.)

  • Stock Images for websites.

Deposit Photo’s 


Big Stock

  • Need a little motivation? No problem – I have just the thing. 

I have watched this video several times, I never walk away disappointed. If ever you’re a little stuck, your vision a little dimmer than usual, do yourself a favour and head on right back here and listen to this message by Simon Sinek.

Not only for leaders but any one seeking their purpose, starting a business or simply needing to be reminded “why” they do what they do daily.

Start with Why.

How can I introduce you to this video without also sharing his amazing book “Start with WHY” – amongst a few other which I have added below






  • Year Planners and Workbooks 

If you’re a girly girl entrepreneur and love notepads, worksheets, planners and organisers ( Pretty ones) as much as I do, then this planner will most definitely add some sassiness to your workstation while keeping you on track to meet those audacious goals.









  • Basic Guide to Making Money Online

If you’re just starting out and happen to find you way to this page here’s a really basic guide to making money  online – I wrote this e-book a few years ago. Many of the principle are still the same and there are a few good ideas you can use to easily and inexpensively get started.




Ambitious EntreTransforming Possible Into Profitable Audio (Big Purpose, Big Profits) 

Listen In on our conversation as we discuss …

1.) How to get 3+ clients in 30 days

2.) Why you need a strategic step-by-step plan to help you stand out, get hired and keep your clients coming back for more, and

3.) The importance of having a clear marketing action plan to keep you focused and on track,

Listen in as Annemarie Cross interviews me on her Ambitious Entrepreneur Show – Any one who knows Annemarie knows that she is has grown her business steadily over the past few years teaching business growth principles – In October we spoke about how entrepreneurs can use these simple tips to increase profits and business success, faster.  Why not download this Free Mp3 to your mobile device now and listen to it as you travel between appointments





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