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Renew Your Mind and Dump the Trash.

“We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly… spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order “~ Susan Taylor

If you have children you’ll know that home and life can become quite hectic, messy and untidy at times. 

I am not sure how this all happens and wonder how two gorgeous little girls can turn a neat, clean and tidy room in to a storm of unbridled chaos in a few split seconds.

On the odd occasion ( or not so odd ) I wake up and find that things in my home, mind , life or business seem to have gotten a little out of control.

Now I hope that you can relate to this, and it’s not just me who experiences this.

This morning I happened to be working my way through some material that I had written earlier and happened to come across a blog post where I mentioned feeling a little grumpy about the state of my surroundings, my life and business.

I have modified it slightly, and am re-posting it as I still find it very applicable today.

At school both girls have what is called ” Friday tidy day “, so hoping that I could continue to ride on the coattails of this formalised cleaning up process at school I also decided to take the opportunity to have a “Lets get organised, mind and life renewal week”,

So with new laptop in hand I decided to make use of some available time to get into sorting out and refining my electronic filing system.What a job!  I had files duplicated, half finished articles, folders under folders that made no sense, and stuff that I had thought applicable at a certain stage in life that were no longer of use and just taking up valuable space.

As I was cleaning up and getting organised I was thinking how quickly our lives, just like our computer can get bogged down with clutter, cobwebs and junk, slowing us down and reducing our productivity, It made me realise that most certainly in my life, I needed to every once in a while get down low and dirty and do a thorough clean-up, to reduce the clutter on my computer and renew my mind and life

Most importantly my mind. I sat down with a renewed sense of determination to get clear on the goals that I had set for myself and conveniently pushed aside. I appointed a coach to work alongside me to support me on my journey of bringing my dream to life and I have restored balance in my home. Doing this, has created a new sense of achievement, freedom and discipline. I enjoy the freshness and simplicity that clearing out brings, and will more often than not, be aware of.

  • Things that have fallen by the wayside that can be put back on track.
  • Goals can be revisited and realigned.
  • Important forgotten resources that can be put to good use, and those that are no longer serving us can be put out to pasture. 
  • Time that can be managed more productively and effectively. 
  • Relationships that require some attention.
  • Communication that can be improved.
  • Finding time to enjoy things that bring energy in my life.
  • Reconnecting with my Vision and Purpose – renewing my mind ( dump the trash) 
  • Taking small steps daily to keep things in order is so much easier than ignoring the issue at hand and having to clear up the big mess later. – Deal with things now.

Isn’t it time to look at your cupboard space ( Life )? What’s in there? Has it become dark and dank? Do you see everything clearly or does it need a bit of reshuffling. Has the dust and cobwebs taken over? Have you lost sight of your goals? Lost touch with your purpose or started a business and feel stuck, frustrated and disconnected with self and the world? Are you in a space where you long to renew your mind?

Is it time to do a Clean Up?  Shake Up or Wake up.

I ‘d love to hear your thoughts on this ( it will definitely make me feel better to know that I am not alone in this ) Please leave a comment in the box below and share with me about a time or a tip you use to keep your life, business and home organised.


Renew Your Mind and Let Your Light Shine

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