It’s those special messages of praise from fabulous clients that lift you up when you experience those “off days”

On the days where you feel low, energy has dissipated, and flatness sets in, or you compare your self to others, feel less than you should or your self esteem takes a little dive then it’s time to head over to your “raving reviews file” where you can sink in and experience the thrill of helping, support , inspiring others to achieve their dreams.

Here are a few of mine.. Reading this, certainly confirms that I am running in the right lane, providing value and changing lives.  I love my peeps and I love receiving praise for a job well done. 

Mega hugs, bubbles – blowing kisses and more hugs <3



I had wonderful accolades next to my name but somehow could not push through to the next level of my dreams and vision that I had for my future. I honestly thank God that Brenda came my way. On a personal level, not only did I see for the first time limiting beliefs that I held…more importantly I realised the truth in being able to choose what I believe for myself, not my habits or circumstantial situations. I have learned a new habit, one which involves trusting myself and allowing others around me to breathe! This new habit is called Growth…in all areas of my life: Family, Spiritually, Professionally, and Physically.

I loved the business coaching sessions I had with Brenda. The outcome of these sessions is two solid business plans…and proposals for the future in place, both of these are yielding abundance every week. This has seen me book more speaking gigs than ever before, and sell more books more efficiently than I ever have previously. And this is only the beginning..

I can honestly say that Brenda had coached, guided and championed MY vision and beliefs at all times. She has not once said what to do, but rather has been there to hear me say what I would like to do…and she has helped me enormously in the ‘how’ department. I have had three people say to me, what is it you are doing? I know what I have been doing… and that is developing strong, solid clarity for my future (and those I love) through my coaching with Brenda. 

Bernadette Black (2010)  
Founder and Director Brave Foundation



Before working with Brenda I was in a state of confusion and angst. I lacked clarity around what I was doing in my business, who I served and exactly how I could assist my clients.

I was at the point where I was going to throw it all in.
Working with Brenda was fantastic.
She is very knowledgeable and was able to understand what I was trying to achieve in my business. She knew exactly why I was stuck.
She was able to provide me with practical advice that I could implement straight away. She even gave me more insight into my business and showed me more possibilities that I never knew were available to me. She got me excited again!
I really felt like Brenda had my back, that I wasn’t alone and that I could trust in her to provide the guidance I needed.
Since working with Brenda, I have implemented marketing strategies in my business, gained the courage to put myself out there and am getting more connections with potential clients.
I highly recommend Brenda. I have worked with numerous coaches before and Brenda is up there in the top 3!

Simone Outteridge
The Liberated Leader



Brenda’s warm but astute listening during our coaching session helped me to get over my tentative, limiting attitude around getting my business strategy wrong…She carefully encouraged me to move toward “better ” and not “perfect”. This was a major theme for me and identifying my blocks to bring together my products.
During our work there was definitely some “ah ha” moments when communicating my products which is now helping me to bring together better language to communicate to my audience.

I love, love, love, that I have an immediate short list of things to do this week…Until this session I was definitely heading into overwhelm.

Thank you, Brenda for picking up on my language and communicating concepts to me through my “templates” of understanding.

You obviously know your stuff!

Linda Morrison
Health and wellness mentor and coach –



After months of chasing my tail and kicking around with notebooks of drafts and ideas, I finally experienced the breakthrough and kick-start I needed thanks to Brenda.
The moment our session finished I was filled with confidence and clarity, the exact two gifts I was seeking. Thank you so much, I’ve been raving about you ever since.

Yvette Luciano



The session I had with Brenda was amazing. Her warm and friendly nature had me instantly at ease. She had the ability to get to the heart of the matter in a caring, gentle way. Brenda was able to give me practical tools to help me move forward in my business. Suddenly all those things on my to-do list seem achievable! I will also be applying these tools to other areas of my life.

The thing I like most about Brenda is that she is a busy mum too and totally understands the need to fit in my business around my life. It’s hard to focus on your own stuff when you have so many other responsibilities at times and she made me feel supported in every way.

I would absolutely recommend Brenda, because she totally gets it. At the end of the session you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend!

Kim Tennant
astrologer at Krysalis Astrology


I was fortunately coached by Brenda earlier this year, and as a result of the action plans and techniques that she recommended, my confidence has dramatically increased and I am now reaping the rewards both professionally and personally.

Brenda has guided me through a very difficult time going back to university to update my skills after a 17 year break. When applying her suggested advice I am proud to say that it resulted in receiving high distinctions, lowered stress levels and a sense of enjoyment.

Brenda helped me to create a positive mindset and to realise that instead of allowing overwhelm to take over that breaking things down into more manageable tasks allowed me to deal with each individual situation when it occurred.

It is with great confidence and pleasure that I recommend Brenda Tsiaousis to anyone for Transformation coaching as she wholeheartedly assisted with creating a fresh, positive and happy outlook on my life.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Monique Boucher



Brenda is a fantastic person who used her advanced listening and coaching skills to empower me to find my own insights and solutions. She is especially caring, thoughtful and efficient – three qualities that support her elite status in coaching. I would highly recommend her. Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dr. Patricia Rose, Phd



It’s rare nowadays to find someone of the professional caliber of Brenda Tsiaousis
What is Brenda’s gift ?

Brenda is a ‘development and change agent’. Her natural way of being in the world, through her sensory self, is “high awareness”. This makes her ‘see’ and, importantly, ‘feel’ potential. In just the same way an electrician can measure electrical potential Brenda can sense and work with the personal, commercial, and energetic potential that we each have.

Handling Change
Whilst a given, changes are not welcomed by most of us. Change creates all manner of anxiety. It is with this background that Brenda’s light really shines. She has a natural gift for putting people at ease and allowing them to explore change at their own pace and under the influence of their own needs.

Brenda has the ability to introduce us to ideas and performance opportunity that we are capable of achieving, but prior to being guided, and having it demonstrated to us, many would not even attempt for fear of failure, ridicule from others, or stepping out of our individual comfort zones.

Brenda has an instinctive understanding of the fact that we all approach challenges in different ways, we all learn in different ways, but with encouragement, support and coaching, everyone can rise to a challenge, overcome an obstacle and regain focus.

Commercial focus
From a management perspective Brenda’s services provide a superb insight into the different ways in which people approach difficult activity (or rather where they perceive the challenge to be difficult) and shows a lead in helping break the barriers that create that perception.

As a professional who helps you to develop awareness and break through barriers that they perceive are restricting their success in work or life, I am happy to recommend Brenda’s services to any company trying to develop high performance people.

Adam Taylor
Human Tools



Brenda is my go to person for when I need a great big dose of “can do”. She has an uncanny ability to detect when I am off course, not digging deep enough, settling for less than I am capable of and pushes me with just the right combination of expectation and encouragement to achieve more than I thought I could at first. If you want to step up and reach the potential in yourself and in your business, hire Brenda. Today.

Angela Raspass
Ideas Into Action



A couple of years ago, I started a little writing business servicing real estate agents around Hobart. Things were pretty modest back then (in fact if you looked up the word ‘modest’ in the dictionary there would be a picture of me clutching my laptop bag)

As a newly self proclaimed ‘writer’… approaching potential clients with examples of my work felt like one step above a begging. When you start out in the writing biz, it’s like you have a tattoo stamped on your forehead that says “will sell soul for cash”… and those early clients could smell my desperation a mile away!

Unless you inherited an already bustling enterprise… anyone who starts a business knows what it feels like to have your feet hit the ground each morning and have NO IDEA which direction your next pay check is coming from. It’s kinda exhilarating — and pretty damn scary at the same time (especially when you have a mortgage and family)

The day I met Brenda Tsiaousis was truly empowering!

Firstly, Brenda is very well connected throughout the internet marketing community and it was her who first spoketh-to-me of an unusual profession called ‘Copywriting’. For anyone who doesn’t know… copywriters are people who stay up all night thinking of ways to explode your business! (I mean that metaphorically, not literally)

Anyway, I signed up for Brenda’s 8 week coaching program — and she lit a fire under my butt that STILL hasn’t gone out!

Brenda gave freely of her vast knowledge in business, mindset, client attraction techniques, marketing and making your heart & business one entity. Critical stuff if you want both money and fulfillment from your business.

As a direct result, Brenda filled me with the confidence to go out and invest $24,500 (money I didn’t have) on my copywriting education! A figure I have made back several times since with no regrets. This might sound foolhardy but Brenda has a special gift for spotting the hidden potential in YOU, then holding you up to the light so you can see it in yourself.

…I’ve been introduced to amazing people and discovered the mindset of the successful elite in business and life. All because I signed up with Brenda. Even if I have a long way to go, I know it’s just a matter of time before I become one too… and so can anybody, with the right coaching.

Brenda’s appointment as TAS President of the International Coaching Federation is further evidence that she is held in high esteem by people much wiser than the likes of me. I’m just relaying to you my experience of her coaching. Frankly, why she doesn’t charge ten times as much still baffles!

Thank you Brenda!

Sean Deigan
Sean Deigan, Copywriting Service



Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your help over the past few months.

Actually it hasn’t just been the past few months but since we connected online over 12 months ago. You have always been a great sounding board and have always challenged me to think out of the box.

As you know I have been struggling in the past few months with the direction I am taking in my home business and the sessions we have had both on skype and over the phone have been so helpful in gaining clarity. You have asked me questions that I hadn’t really thought about which has led me to a clearer direction in my home business.

I also appreciate the tools you sent me, which I was able to use to map out my business plan and define who my specific target market is. I have been able to plan my marketing strategies over the next 90 days.

Kim Mullette



I was facing uncertainty about my life objectives relative to the employment path that I was on because of a greater awareness of self and my personality through the various personal development programs that I had recently participated in. This conflict was causing stress in me and my relationships because of the disparity between who I am as a person and the people management objectives of my workplace.

Brenda helped me focus on what is important to me and how to achieve a greater awareness of the immense potential that we can all achieve once we understand and apply ourselves to that end. Brenda is a fantastic facilitator and at no point did she judge me in who I am or what I was seeking to achieve. Brenda provided many useful tools to discover who I am as a person, overcome fear, getting a fulfilling life, orienting life around my values, identify the six core needs that shape my life and how to develop an action plan to launch into my future. Brenda provided an incredibly valuable gift to me in the form of options for the rest of my life that aligned with who I am. After all, aren’t the happiest people on earth working on things they love to do?

As a result, I am now better placed to take on life on my terms. I am now much more confident, aware of my potential and well prepared to take on opportunities as they arrive, and aware of the ones I should take as well being able to differentiate between the ones I should let pass. The outcomes are very measurable by me in terms of my confidence, happiness and attitude towards life compared to where I was in my recent “dark ages”. Externally, the benefits can be measured by my participation in community development programs and University results towards completion of my MBA.

Now, life is whatever I want to make it. I have left my previous employer and I have many options open for my choosing. I have a strong business case for a guest house, I can go to Uni full time to complete my MBA, my wife wants to buy a bus and travel around Australia for 12 months, I can go back to consulting in the water engineering space, I can continue my work in the community sector, or there are other opportunities that I haven’t even put my mind to yet. All I know is that my future is bright whatever form that may take. My wife of 30 years could not be happier with the transformation that Brenda has facilitated. Without Brenda’s help, support, encouragement and her undying belief in human potential I may have still been in that job that did not match with my values and beliefs. I simply don’t want to think of what life might have been now if the change that Brenda helped me bring about was not realised. I do not believe I would have achieved the same outcome if I had worked with a less qualified provider.

Mark Watson
Small Business Owner

Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.

- John C. Maxwell

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