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Pinterest – It’s Not What You Think.


What’s Hot right now. 

We all like to be in the know. I know I do. I am one of those like to find out about all the news toys, software, gadgets trends etc in town, that doesn’t mean though that I end up buying them all. I just like to know what’s happening and then sit in the side line for a while sassing out what whether it is worth making a fuss about

Well, This new “kid in town “ has my full attention and after a week of being involved with it, I think it is most definitely deserves a shout out.

Like a Ballerina in the spotlight making her entrance before thousands of excited and anxious viewers so is the new Social media phenomenon – Pinterest.

Graceful and elegant, she glides in to the center of the stage and within an instant the light aluminates her and with an audible gasp of appreciation from her audience she continues on confidently to capture their hearts.

Now this might sound slightly dramatic, yet that has been my most recent experience with Pinterest.  A week ago I was not even aware that Pinterest existed let alone what Pinterest was all about.

If you’re still not sure what I am on about, let me ask you this?

Have you ever wanted to, or have you ever created a vision board – One of those that you used stick images of all the things you dreamed of, of things you desired, places you wanted to visit and books you might have read or even silly pictures that made you feel happy or some what inspired.

And then sitting back and looking at you vision board and feeling the intense pleasure it gives you,  only one thing missing with this picture here, building your own vision board can a be lonely exercise. No one to show it to, no one to share it with.

Well, Pinterest is almost like a giant social media networking vision board with a mighty kick.

This is where you get to not only interact with other Pin users but you get to share, re-pin and even use killer marketing strategies that can get you massive exposure quickly and even earning big bucks in almost no time.

In the few months that Pinterest has been active it has gained almost 5 million users and is growing rapidly, with almost 1,5 million users daily spending and average of 15 minutes at a time pinning items to their massive interactive and globally exposed vision board.

Now, some food for thought…

We have entered an era where global interaction is becoming easier, reaching and serving our customers has never been this easy.

Discovering what your potential customers are interested in, how they think, where they would love to visit, what books they enjoy reading, movies they enjoy watching, what form of relaxation they choose, what type of vehicle they drive or foods they love to eat and so much more is almost instantly available and at out fingertips giving you the business owner an awesome opportunity to identify your ideal client and serve them even better.

Please visit me on Facebook . I’d love to see your smiling face there and let me know what you think.  I ‘d love to hear your thoughts on this?  Whether you are using Pinterest and if so what impact has it had on your business, more so what impact can you make in others lives.

Disclaimer :

I have been told that this can be very addictive. Warning : Business Owners Use with care .

If you are in business you might want to consider having a well laid out daily schedule with a strategically designed marketing plan to effectively use your time with maximum effect in your business, using it in a random hash dash manner might keep you entertained for hours with little to no return.

Combined with both Facebook and Twitter creating exposure and generating online income for your business has never been easier.

Beth Hayden is a blogging coach and Pinterest marketing convert who has recently written an awesome article on called 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

So , without having to reiterate what Beth has taken time to produce in such a clear and concise manner  I suggest that if you are keen to get more detailed information on how to effectively use Pinterest as a marketing tool head on over to Beth’s Blog and be blown as I was as at the level of interaction and many uses a so seemingly simple Social media networking site can have.


Happy Pinteresting .

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20 Responses to Pinterest – It’s Not What You Think.

  1. Oh my goodness Brenda!  Pinterest is highly addictive!  I love it!  So many things to do and learn on there.  I never thought of it as a marketing tool, but I'll definitely have to start using it that way!  Especially since I spend so much time on there!

    • Oh yeah Tonya – I love browsing and have found that if not checked 30 minutes can pass quite easily – I might use this as a reward for when I work hard, this will be kept for break time 🙂

  2. Hi Brenda, This is an awesome inspiring post to read about pinterest. I will definitely be looking into it more. Thank you for sharing. Warmest Regards Shirley

  3. Hey Brenda, I have seen the word pintrest everywhere was wondering what it's all bout, now I know after I read your post. Thanks for sharing it with us Brenda

  4. Brenda like you I had never heard of Pinterest a week ago, and now it is exploding all over the place, there are just so many uses for this kind of interaction that it's staggering.

    • Can be very addictive – ( allocate just 15 minutes per day to it if you do check it out , and beware you might join the rest of us and become pinterhlics 🙂 )

    • Michael – I am doing some training on it right now with my wonderful coach, she is an expert in social media and as you know, being a coach and avid learner of all things personal and professional development myself, I think pinterest is a very visual way of connecting with your market – identify what they love, like , dislike and use it to serve your client even better. It’s a super marketing tool in my opinion for those business’s interested in understanding their clients and relationships better.

  5. Wow Brenda, it has only been in the last week that I too have noticed Pinterest, but too be honest with you didn’t take much notice until this week when more & more people are buzzing about it. I’m gonna go over and read Beth’s post now.

    Thanks for sharing.

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