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Have You Let Your Fear Get In the Way Of Your Secret Vision?

Have You Let Your Fear Get In the Way Of Your Secret Vision?

There are people who need exactly what you and I have.

Sunday’s are my favourite times for reflection. I am not sure when this started but I think it had something to do with my time at boarding school when I was a lot younger. 

Between you and me, I hated it – every. single. sad. isolated. did not belong. moment.of boarding school.

On Sundays I started to pack my bags in readiness for the trip back to school on a Monday morning after spending a weekend at home. The atmosphere at home was subdued and I often felt so alone. Time alone in my room getting everything ready for the week ahead was time for reflection, quiet time where my thoughts would run wild in my head. 

So I suppose Sundays have always been a day on the week where I spend a little more time reflecting, thinking, planning and visioneering than I normally would. 

Today was no different and as I completed a questionnaire for a session I am having this week. 

One question stood out. 

“In your life what has been your secret vision that you may have never told anyone about before?” 

As I sat in my lounge room, I leaned over and asked my husband the same question. 

He had no problem answering and I realised that my dream was so so so big that I was afraid to verbalise it. Then I suddenly realised the reason I was afraid to verbalise it was because somehow, somewhere I had formed a lot of limiting beliefs around my identity, my role and these stopped me from believing that I could go after this goal, this huge big vision. 

Now, I don’t know about you but I have a big big dream and I know many who also have big dreams too but each day we are only living a very tiny bit of it. We seem to be ok with only giving ourselves permission to live just a teensy weensy piece of this dream just in case living the big dream we have may not be possible. 

I mentioned earlier that Sundays are for deeper reflection and this really got me thinking of the value you and I bring to this world, to others and how often for what ever reason we have censored ourselves to live only a very small part of what we are capable of achieving. 

But.. the next question for you and for me if you’re sitting there thinking – “this is me” is this; 

Why would we think small? Why wouldn’t we just own how big our dreams is, how big our destiny is and then live it? 

So many answers come up for me and I thinking perhaps for you too. Here’s the thing each and every one of those answers you have just come up with; 

They’re excuses!

You and I both have the talents, the gifts, the support and the skills to be able to take the first next step to live full out, to share our gifts with the world. There are people out there who need what you and I have. 

I don’t know about you but the thought of not living my life to the fullest, not making a difference, not impacting or influencing lives positively – That is just scary!!! and sad.  I don’t know if I can accept living a life “UNEXPRESSED” “UNFULFILLED” with my dream still inside of me.

In my musing state I’d like to leave you with a few thoughts; 

If you have a dream, you can make the decision to go for it TODAY! YOU can make it happen if you will make the DECISION to push aside all those things you perceive to be standing in your way. (I hope you will be stepping aside soon) if you will put your mind to it, make the decision and take action to go for it. Every day … this will need to be a conscious decision to wake up and choose to follow your dream. No matter how small, no matter how big. 

If you don’t consciously make this decision, unconsciously the choice is made for you and you may end up at the end of your life with your song still inside of you. Unsung! 

Which will your choice be? 

I know you have what it takes. I know your inner brilliance and your inherent potential and I know that if you’re still reading this then you want more for your life than what you currently have and are accepting. Let’s make a decision together to find out what that one little step is that we need to take to get the ball rolling. 

I believe you can! 

If this message resonated with you and you would like to explore further options to place you on the right place so that you get to live more of your dream daily then please contact me on or use this LINK to schedule a call and let’s chat. 

Have an amazing week. 

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