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Let The Dreams Of Your Heart Become Your Reality Of Today.

Let The Dreams Of Your Heart Become Your Reality Of Today.

Your dream.. at “what” price?  

I booked a chalet, packed a few bags and decided to spend a few days away in the midst of a program launch with my family. Some in my industry would say that I’m crazy to take time off at a time like this and that this was not the time to take time off but rather time to push through, knuckle down and put pedal to the metal. In other words “full steam ahead”

I was feeling exhausted after weeks of planning, creating landing pages and readying myself for the launch of my latest program.  (I’ll tell you all about it in a seperate post) My back hurt and my neck ached from hanging over my laptop until midnight, night after night providing instructions to my VA and developer as we set up my membership site and rebuilt my landing pages, connected the shopping carts, adding images, and ensuring all the links worked. 

I was excited at launching my new program – more on this to come later and I was eager to see how the advertising campaign I had setup on Social Media earlier were performing. 

So when my daughter heard that I had booked a chalet for the weekend, away from all the usual daily routine she promptly told me that her and her sister had decided to leave behind their Ipads and any technology that could distract them from having a good time away.


My girls like most young children today are almost addicted to their Ipads and new mac books pro’s that we had purchased for them a week ago. 

I knew something was up. Leaving behind their Ipads was too good to be true and it did not take long before Paige the eldest piped up and said, “Since we’re leaving behind our technology could you leave your laptop behind too.” 

I started forming my response, an excuse as to why I needed to take the laptop with. “I’m in the middle of a launch, I have to check on Social Media, I have to advertise and share my program and and and…” and suddenly I realised that I didn’t. 

I didn’t NEED to do anything. I had a choice. I could choose to spend time with my family.  I could choose to leave behind the laptop – after all the world would not fall to pieces if I did not show my face on Facebook for 2 days.

In a world where everything is on the go 24/7, where people are connected globally and the internet never sleeps it can often feel like we need to show up daily, every minute of the day, having to be visible so you and I can remain in the forefront of peoples, read; potential clients minds. That is; if you’re building your business online. 

The pressure to perform, connect, inspire and attract can be huge and often we lose sight of the real reason we started our business online in the first place. Working 65+ hours, glued to a laptop is not one of them. 

With this in mind, I leaned over to her, put my arms around her neck, looked her in the eyes and whispered “Deal!” Little eyes lit up and as smile formed across her face I silently thanked God for the gentle reminders to “get my priorities straight” 
The weekend was amazing, I relaxed, picked flowers, peacocks entertained us, ate too much chocolate but memories were built. Priceless!.

Now, this message is not to make you feel bad if you chose to do the alternative, but rather to provide you with a few insights instead. YOU, like me may be working too hard, hunched over your laptop chasing the “freedom lifestyle” 

Please understand I am not saying this is wrong, I am suggesting though that there be balance. Too much work makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl. If you have been burning the midnight oil, ignoring your loved ones or simply neglecting your health and self care it may be time to revisit the reason you started your business in the 1st place. 

It also may be time to check in with yourself, become aware of what price you are prepared to pay to achieve your dreams. No doubt there is a price to pay. No doubt your will achieve your dreams, but at what price – if the answer to this makes you stop and think then perhaps the price is a tad too high.

Thankfully we can adjust, we can tweak and we can recalculate. It’s never to late to change your strategy or to late to take your foot off the pedal or to simply down tools, pick up a piece of chocolate and say ” DEAL”

While we’re out chasing our dreams let’s remain aware of those who do support us along the way, include them in the journey and remember why we started our business in the 1st place. I guarantee it is to spend more time with your family. 

If your dream has been in your heart for a long time, rest assured that what God has started in you, He will finish. Run the race. Win the prize. Do it without compromising all that you already have in your life and always remember that in time you can turn your dreams in to your reality of today. 

A final reminder and a little reinforcement. 

  • Become aware of the time you spend on your business
  • Revisit your dream and calculate the cost
  • Adjust where necessary
  • Build in some fun and watch the rewards flood in. 

Your dreams will still be achieved, the way in which you do it however may change. 

To your dreams. 


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