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Mirror Mirror On The Wall. What Is Your Business Reflecting Back At You?

I’m a big fan of fairy tales. I love them..

(ps : I wrote another blog post about Cinderella last year – hop on over once you’re done to read HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND OTHER LESSONS I GOT FROM WATCHING FAIRY TALES) 

I believe we can learn quite a few great lessons from reading or watching fairy tales – not to mention that the music and cinematography in the new movies are out of this world.

Another of my favorite fairy tales is “Sleeping Beauty” A beautiful princess brought up in a castle by a wicked step mother who has some serious envy issues and is simply obsessed by her own beauty often calling on her magic mirror to confirm that she is indeed the fairest of all women in her kingdom. 

You may be thinking – what on earth does Sleeping Beauty, a wicked witch or a magic mirror have anything to do with me, my life or business. 

Consider this;  Your life, your business is a mirror that reflects back at you the things that you are hoping to see, the type of clients you attract and how effective or not you are in your business. 

Yikes! So what you’re saying is that my results are directly related to who I am being in business? 


When you become conscious of this concept you can use this mirror analogy to shift the way things are, especially those that are not working as effectively as you would like them to or you can improve on those that are. So let’s take a look at this mirror analogy in terms of a client attraction strategy.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be attracting the same type of clients over and over in your business? You love your clients but there are times when you feel totally frustrated when they don’t seem to take themselves or their business seriously, fail to implement, avoid taking action, are indecisive, pass by amazing opportunities and fail to see the value in themselves. 

Here are a few questions to consider about yourself – Go on humour me, You will understand why a little later in the blog post. 

  • Are you an action taker, decisive, ready to go all out and take a stand for your dreams?
  • Are you ready to apply yourself to ensure that your dream and purpose is fulfilled? 
  • Do you nit pick finding fault with the smallest thing, quick to ask for a refund.
  • Or perhaps you start a project, a course, a program only to find yourself failing to finish what you started? 
  • Are you helpful, generous to a fault, give away your best stuff but terrified of closing a sale and therefor struggle financially in your business? 
  • Or are you happy to invest small bits and pieces in programs, coaching and courses but when it comes to really investing in yourself you shy away from making these decisions and create excuses and justifications as to why you cant afford it? 
  • Do you secretly sabotage your success, procrastinate and become paralysed from over analysing, avoid taking action and if you were being truthful would admit to being a poor finisher? 

If any of these statements above sound familiar and Oh boy! there are a few listed that sound “like I wrote them specifically for me” which of course I did because I have found myself in positions like those I described above before. 

I’d struggle to attract clients and some months would be fabulous and others feel like I was shrivelling and drying up in a desert.   Ok! Forgive the slight embellishment but during the months where my income and clients were inconsistent and all over the show if certainly felt like a dry, barren desert. The ones I did attract did not seem to do the work. They started well – had incredible passion and well let’s just say that… maybe finishing things wasn’t a strong suit of mine either. 

What I have learned from this over the past few years working, coaching and supporting others to share their messages and turn their ideas and passions in to thriving businesses online is that we don’t need to stand in FRONT of a magic mirror to determine whether we’re making it or not. 

We simply need to look at our results, who our clients are and what they’re achieving to know what’s going on inside of us and where and on what our thinking is focussed the most.

Get ready for the truth ~ We are the mirror! Your business my business is the mirror and if we do not like what we see, the simplest suggestion would be to change it. 


Does this shock you? I know this sounds weird and almost unbelievable but it’s true.

Who you are, what you think and how you express your inner thoughts is a direct reflection of what and who you attract. 

Don’t believe me – head on up to those questions again and ask yourself; 

  • Am I decisive? Do I make quick decisions or do I struggle, put off making decisions or avoid them like the plague? 
  • Am I a complete finisher or do I start a project, full speed ahead and then half way through lose interest and motivation until it fizzles out? 
  • Am I prepared to go all in, invest in myself and commit to working 1:1 with a high level coach or do I think up some excuse and justify why I cant afford it or why it doesn’t suit me right now because the reality behind it is.. I’m terrified and what if… ( you fill in the blank) Heaven forbid you make the decision and actually make it.. how incredible would that be? 

How often do you do these things, is it once off or have these unconscious strategies and beliefs become a habit? 

Dr Wayne Dyer coined the phrase ” You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are.”  

Could it be that you are attracting clients who are reflecting back at you the exact same struggles you have or perhaps you may be reading this thinking; Awesome! I have great clients who pay me high end prices, are decisive and take quick action applying all they have learned to achieve massive results in life or business. 

However, if thinking about this makes you feel a little disheartened allow me to encourage you that this does not have to be this way. You can start to attract all that yummy goodness you so desire in to your business; 

All you have to do is to become aware of what you are thinking and then change the way you do it. 

It’s really easier than you think.

To make it easier I’ve summarised a few of the steps I took to help me attract the type of client who is prepared to see the value in themselves, takes fast action, applies what they are taught, gets results and pay me to work with them, support them, encourage them and guide them in their business. 

  • Become aware of what you are thinking and behaving in your own business. 

Be conscious of the words that come out of your mouth, the behaviour that you display – when you notice that you are thinking in ways that don’t support you, ask yourself what parts are not serving you and what you would like to have happen instead. Then do that. After a while you will find this step becomes easier and you are able to catch these icky thoughts and nip them in the bud quickly. Try it.. 

  • Work on your mindset. 

This is probably the most important. You are the most important asset in your business. So why wouldn’t this be of the most important aspects for you to consider and work on? What we believe about ourself is reflected in what we attract in to our life.

Ps : take a look at your bank balance (no disrespect – but this will provide you with a huge revelation of how you feel about yourself and money.) 

  • Practise what you preach.

If you are a poor finisher – start to complete things, go haul out those programs that you purchased that are gathering dust on your hard drive and make time to work through them and apply the teachings

Of course there are heaps more that I could share with you on this topic right now but I will leave it for another day, another blog post. This kind of work never ends and we are all a work in progress. So keep on with the good work that was started in you. 

Ask for help, reach out to others and rub shoulders with like minded individuals. That being said.. if you’re looking for an online home, a place to rub shoulders with some impact driven, giant slaying action taker women in business who are all doing life and business together – hop on over and join me in our online community. I’d love to welcome you there. 

I love connection, so if this post spoke to you – please do let me know in the comments below, or pop on over to Facebook and let me know the one things that stood out most for you. 


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